An open source HTML5 UI framework project
licensed under the MIT X11 license

App Framework Explained

The App Framework JavaScript library is a blazingly fast cross-platform UI library built for mobile HTML5 apps. The UI styles in this library are designed to easily adapt to your target platform (Google Android*, Apple iOS*, Microsoft Windows* 8, and new RIM Blackberry* devices) so you can give your application a target-specific look and feel.

App Framework UI supports iOS7+, Android 4+, BB 10, Win8/WP8, Tizen* and Firefox* OS.

App Framework 2.x is still available in Github for those that require Android < 4 support.

3.0 release
App Framework 3.0 has been released. Get the latest from github.

New documentation for the API's and helper guide.
Added new components documentation for App Framework UI.

App Framework UI
Big overhaul of the layout, bug fixes, and less restrictive selectors.

LESS is fully powering the CSS.

New toast plugin, grower transition, and swipe to delete.
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